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What is Advanced Driving?   The aim of the Group is to improve road safety and driving standards by offering new members (Associate Members) practical guidance in driving techniques to take the Advanced Driving Test to become an Advanced Driver . This training is based upon 'RoadCraft' which is used by Police Driving Schools.
Training   Practical in-car training is given by 'Tutors' in the Group who give their time freely to assist Associate Members in passing the Advanced Driving Test.
Membership Form   The Group welcomes new members and is open to anyone living in the Bedford Area. Other local groups cover other areas of the Country. To join the Bedford Group please complete our Membership Form . For details of other Groups please visit www.roadar.org
Monthly Meetings   We hold monthly meetings at Barkers Lane Fire Station in Bedford when we invite speakers to talk about driving and road safety issues. Prospective members are always made welcome. View our latest Newsletter for information about our current activities or take a look at reports of our previous meetings
Regalia   We have some Regalia for sale to FULL members. For prices go to Regalia
Better Driving Course   The Group regularly runs Better Driving Courses which are theory courses on advanced driving. These form a good introduction to advanced driving techniques and many course members choose to further their training by joining the Group.
News   Miscellaneous News

RoSPA Advanced Drivers Association Headquarters site for details of other local groups and more information about advanced driving at www.roadar.org

Contact the Group for further information at info@roada-bedford.org.uk

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